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Since 2010, we have planted nearly 1000 blackberry and raspberry plants.  Berries are available for sale from July to early October (see chart below) at our farm in Carson Valley. Sign up on our Contact List and we will keep you notified with our Berry Farm News of what is going on at the farm, which varieties are being picked, and what is available for sale throughout the year (including frozen berries during the off-season).

All berries are hand-picked when fully ripe for the best flavor, texture, and freshness (sorry, no U-Pick).

Video Segments about the Farm. In April 2017, Mountain Resort TV visited the farm and made three segments they released in May. Their segments included the following: the Berry Farm (growing berries), Bees (the role they play on the farm), and the Farm Life (living and farming in Carson Valley).

2018 Berry Season is over. The 2018 season exceeded all previous seasons with nearly 6000 pints of blackberries and raspberries. The weather was perfect for berries this year as we picked into early October. We will now get ready for next year and hope it too is exceptional. Thanks to the many customers who visited our farm and purchased all of these berries and to the Great Basin Community Food Co-op for their purchases for sale to Reno restaurants and customers.

We are currently out of jam and essence, but plan to make more soon. We make these products from the blemished berries that we would not sell as fresh picked.

Raspberry and Blackberry Maintenance Guide (New January 2018). If you are growing berries in Northern Nevada and looking for guidance on what to do, check out oour working version of this guide Jack authored working with UNR Desert Farming Initative. This guide is still being refined but provides some good information you can use now. Read the Welcome discussion, enter your name, location, type of use and then begin clicking through the questions to learn and record what to do monthly. After you answer all of the questions and your comments, click on complete and then "Email Your Session Summary" and send back for our record and possible update. Thanks

Berry Farm Presentations. Jack has made many presentations on his experience in starting up a berry farm business. Check out the power point presentations for details on growing berries in our climate.

Rail City Garden Center presentations to their customers on March 10, 2018, "Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in Northern Nevada", revised for 2018 and Raspberry & Blackberry Maintenance Guide (raspberries).

Rail City Garden Center presentation to their customers on March 11, 2017, "Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in Northern Nevada".

Commercial Berry Production Workshop sponsored by Western Nevada College, Speciality Crop Institute, "Starting Up a Berry Farm Business".

Nevada Small Farm Conference, "Starting Up a Berry Farm Business".

North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association annual conference "Innovation and Decision Making at Our Farm" and "Important Lessons I Learned in Starting Up a Berry Farm".

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension-Grow Your Own Servies, "Berry Production"

Berry Products are Available Now. We are continuing to provide products from our berry farm. Call or text if you are interested in purchasing any of these farm products (775-450-3580). We are making and selling the following:

  1. Honey - from bees working on our farm in 1 and 3 pound jars.
  2. Jam - raspberry, blackberry, and mixed berry in 6.4 ounce jars for $10.00 and 3.75 ounce jars for $6.00
  3. Syrup/Essence - raspberry and blackberry in 8.5 ounce container for $15.00

The taste is outstanding and it also makes a great gift. See our Price List for details.

Our SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM for 2019 will be available next spring for purchase. This program is great for those customers interested in our berries weekly, saving some money, and support our berry farm. Click on Subscription Program for details on joining.


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